WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine : Review

WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine : Review

WaterRower is one of the most prestigious names in the rowing training equipment business. The Oxbridge Rower is their latest premium offering. Oxbridge is the perfect combination of style and functionality. Made of the hardwood Cherry Wood, coated with three layers of Danish Oil for the gleam and working on a Water Resistance system, the machine is a masterpiece in itself. The high cost might feel a bit jarring but it worth every penny, just on the basis of the features it offers.

This model is preferred by many professional athletes all over the world and is a staple in many high- end professional gyms.


The Cherry Wood is used very mindful. First reason is the rich colour and texture of the wood which makes the machine look very attractive. Secondly, Cherry Wood can abosrb a lot of vibrations which makes for a smooth workout, without vibrations and jerks. It also makes the machine really quiet due to the Water resistance system in addition to the Cherry Wood frame.


Material: Cherry wood with Danish Oil Finish

Resistance type: Water Resistance System

Machine dimensions (in use): 82.25” x 22.25” x 20”

Machine dimensions (storage): 20” x 22.25” x 82.25”

Product weight without water: 66.5lbs or 30.5KProduct weight with water:g

  103.5lbs or 47Kg

Display console: Series 4 multifunctional performance monitor

User weight capacity: 1000 pounds

Seat: Padded


The WaterRower Oxbridge Rowing Machine works on the Water Resistance system which the most advanced and provides the closest feel to actually rowing a boat with oars in a river or a pond. This model allows the user to exercise his or her thighs, calves, back and arms, along with many other major muscles of the body at the same time. This resistance model provides a smooth exercise experience without any jerkings or vibrations that could lead to injuries.

The mechanism works by a paddle placed inside a water tank, attached to a handle. When the user pulls the handle, the flywheel inside the water tank spins which creates the resistance which is very close to the actual experience of rowing a boat.

The resistance is determined by the level of water in the tank. The user can easily adjust the level of the water to match his or her expected levels of workout or fitness. The Water Resistance system provides the smoothest form of resistance amongst all the different systems.



Despire the vinatge look, the Oxbridge does not slouch on the technology front. It comes with a sophisticated Series 4 console with a multifunctional performance monitor that tracks several diverse parameters such as stroke rate, workout intensity, distance, duration, heart rate and target fitness zone.

All the data is displayed instantaneously on the separate windows of the monitor The console can be controlled with the 9 button interface that can be used to operate the performance monitor. The S4 monitor even allows you to transfer the data to a computer or a laptop by a USB cable. The data can be used to analyze the fitness levels of the user and figure the subsequent training regimen. Another fun feature is that you can compare your data against other users of the Oxbridge all over the world and see where you stand.

Easy and Comfortable

The Oxbridge is extremely comfortable to use. The seats are well padded and mounted on dual rails with four wheels to maintain perfect balance and comfort. The enhance the rowing experience, the handles are made light weight and are designed ergonomically to ensure the user gets the maximum out of his or her workout in every session. The footrest comes with nylon straps that can hold almost any foot size firmly, allowing for a more secure and comfortable workout session.

Maintenance and Storage

The machine, made from hard Cherry wood is faily easy to maintain and store as the cherry wood can take a lot of abuse and withstand wear and tear for a long time. Cleaning it once or twice a week is more than enough. Inspite of the big size of the machine, it very easy to store it. The light wooden frame facilitates you to stand it up on its side using the tank side as the base. The dual caster wheels attached to it make it very easy to push around and move.

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