The GTF Guide to the Best Power Racks : 2016

The GTF Guide to the Best Power Racks : 2016

Power Racks are a must have in your home gym if you are serious about improving your lifts, presses and squats. There are a lot of different kinds of Power racks like power racks, squat racks, power cages, etc. But do not let the variety fool you, most of the equipment have the same function with a few minor additions and subtractions here and there. We at GTF would recommend you to get one that would allow you to do a wide variety of exercises on a single piece of equipment. It might cost you a bit more initially but it will be a long term investment.

Before we get into our recommendation, here are some FAQs.

1. How much space does a Power Rack take?

It depends on the model and equipment you buy. Power Cages are bulky while squat racks are really compact. Buy the rack based upon the space you have in your home gym.

2. What accessories should I look for?

If you are an experience lifter, you can pick and choose on your own depending on what you want in terms of your fitness goals. For beginners, a pull up bar would be a good idea.

3. What should be the specifications of the power rack?

Match your height with the power rack and pick one that is suitable for your height. In addition, make sure that the power rack is anchorable so that there are accidents. Same goes for stabilizers.

4. Shipping and Costs?

Power Racks are heavy, bulky equipments and shipping them is usually expensive. We would recommend you check out Amazon because their shipping and packing is first and the delivery is really hassle free.

Best Squat Rack : XMark Commercial Multi Press Squat Rack

The XMark is a very good piece of hardware and you can do all sorts of exercise on it, ranging from squats, to bench presses, upright rows, lunges, calf raises and deadlifts. However, we would suggest you get a weight bend to get the maximum out of this rack.

The rack is rated for 400 lbs and offers 9 different positions which makes it a lot safer for the user. The rack is pretty easy to assemble and you should not need any extra help. The frame is 11 gauge steel and frames do not get much sturdier than that.

In short, it is a very good machine and if you are looking for a squat rack, this is the one you should be getting.

For Beginners

If you are just starting out, we recommend you get a Power Line PPR200X Power Rack. Prized at a sensible $350, the machine is good value for money and your home gym would be sorted if you get this.

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