The GTF Guide to Home Gyms

The GTF Guide to Home Gyms

If you are a working professional, chances are that you don’t have enough time or energy left after a long day at the office to go to a Gym to workout. When you have barely enough energy to get to home,commuting to and from a gym and working out for a few hours seems ridiculous. Which is why we, the good folks are GTF, have put together a guide for you to set up your own home gym. Before we address the Hows and the Whats, let us address the Why first.

WHY do you need a home gym?

Well, first of all, it is much more convenient. If you have a gym in your own home, you can figure out a workout schedule that suits you and does not clash with your other engagements. Gyms usually have time limits during which you can workout there which might not fit into your schedule.

Secondly, home gyms are much cheaper in the long run. Gyms essentially are businesses so the membership fee you pay includes their profits as well. If you are serious about working out, it would be wise to invest in a home gym. Sure, the initial costs might be a bit heavy, but they will continue to serve you for a long time and they will end up paying back for themselves many times over in terms of the money and time saved.

Where should you set up your gym?

Ideally, the Gym should be in a large, well-lit location. Garages are the norms. If you have a garage, it would be a very good location to set up your gym. However, alternatively, you can also set up your gym on the terrace if you plan on working out in the mornings. The fresh air, the sun and the rising up early would only promote your fitness even further.

It would do you good if the space you pick is not just spacious, but also isolated so that you can concentrate on your workout properly instead of getting distracted by phone calls and visitors. Also, remember to install a large mirror in your gym so that you can look at your posture and form while working out to make sure you are doing correctly and prevent injuries.

What should you get for your gym?

First things first, avoid GAS (Gear Acquistion Syndrome). Do not buy equipment just for the sake of it. There is a lot of equipment that looks nifty and clever but after you but them, you barely use them. If that could be the case, avoid buying the hardware. We list out the 6 essentials that you MUST have in your home gym. Feel free to add other pieces of hardware if there is some particular exercise that you want to work on which requires special equipment (inflatable exercise balls etc).

Power Rack

A power rack helps you to lift heavy weights safely. When you are working out alone, deadlifts and squats are riskier as you don’t have a spotter. And you can not really avoid squats either because of that because they are one of the most important exercises. So a power rack becomes a necessity.

Olympic Barbells and Bumber Plates

For all your lifts and muscle training. Again, try to avoid getting weights just because they would look cool on your rack. There is no point investing in plates that you won’t be lifting for another year or so.

Adjustable Weight Bench

A weight bench is a more versatile piece of equipment than most people give it credit for. It is absolutely essential for a complete body workout. Get an adjustable weight bench and you would be able to work on your chest to forearms to core, all on a single piece of hardware.

Adjustable Dumbbells

Being on a budget, it’s a smarter thing to do to get adjustable dumbbells instead of a whole weight rack or 10 sets of dumbbells. Sure, it can take a few seconds longer to switch the weights but think of all the money you will be saving by investing in one. Avoid GAS, remember?

Skipping Ropes

A very underrated exercise. It is the perfect way to warm-up before a session or as an after session cardio to burn extra fat and maintain lean muscle mass. Best part, it costs almost nothing!

Foam Roller

More injuries are caused due to lack of proper limbering than during the actual workout itself. A foam roller is the cheapest and best way to relieve muscle tension and prevent injuries. We seriously recommend using one after every workout to. You can get one for around $25 on Amazon and it will totally worth the money in the long run. Foam rollers also help your mobility, range of motion and flexibility which will add on to your sessions of lifting and other exercises making you faster and more agile.

BONUS – Rowing Machine

If you have money lying around after you bought these essential six, go ahead and get a Rowing Machine. Rowing a complete full body exercise and combining that with these, you will never have to visit another gym ever again.

Happy Working out!

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