The GTF Guide to Bike Trainers

The GTF Guide to Bike Trainers

Cycling is one of the most comprehensive workouts you can do. It works simultaneously on your legs, core strength and stamina. However, due to busy schedule or traffic on the road, it is generally rather difficult for working professionals to go out on the streets or a training ground to cycle in order to stay fit. Another problem that you could face is the weather. It could be too hot or too cold outside for youto go train. For such people, bike trainers are the way to go about it.

Bike trainers are used to train indoors. They basically raise up the read wheel of your bike from the ground and provide some resistance so that you can simulate the experience of riding on a road or on an uphill surface. You simply connect the rear wheel of your bike and pedal.

Bike Trainers can be divided into three categories and they are differentiated on the basis of the resistance that they provide.

1.Wind – These bike trainers have fans which is driven by the cyclists. As a result, the faster the pedalling, the higher is the resistance. However they can only provide progressive resistance and not added resistance. These trainers are usually the cheapest but they can also be very noisy.

2.Magnetic – These are the middle ground of bike trainers. Not too cheap, but too expensive either. They have two opposing magnets on either sides of your rear wheel which provides resistance to the wheel’s motion. If you can ignore their durability, they provide an almost linear resistance.

3.Fluid – Last and the most expensive and advanced are the fluid resistance trainers. They have an attached flywheel inside a high viscosity fluid. In this design of trainers you will have the maximum control over resistance. They are even silent and durable. Barring a few, which experience over-heating issue due to the friction, these are the best model on the market.

If you are serious about using a bike-trainer, there are some other accessories that you should be considering as well. So we have compiled a short list of the other gear you should take a look at.

1.Riser Block

The rear wheel is lifted by the trainer, but for a comfortable and stable riding experience, it is important that the front also is at the same height. This is achieved by the use of Riser Blocks.They are a lot of options available but we found the best to be the Sunlite Forza Riser Block. Made of solid material and accepting up to 27” wheels, you can get it for around 11$.


If you don’t want to scratch your wooden floors or disturb the neighbours downstairs, it would be wise to use a mat. A good and affordable choice for this is the Body Solid Super Mat RF34B Bike mat. Made up of solid PVC material absorbs the vibrations from the workout as well the dripping sweat and helps your floor stay clean. Alternatively, you could even get a Sweat net, which is attached to your bike and captures the sweat. A good product for this is the CycleOps Bike Thong Sweat Catcher.

Having discussed this, its time to jump right into the available padlocks and which ones do we think are worth your time and money.

4th Pick : RAD Cycle Products Indoor Portable Magnetic Trainer

This is a solid magnetic trainer which is also quite affordable making it a very lucrative option.This model uses stands which gives you extra support while riding the bike. The stands also help with the stability and gives you the freedom to train with heavier bikes as well. The frame is sturdy due to the good materials that are used in making it.

It is also the thinnest trainer on the list once you fold it. Pretty light-weight (weighs just 17 pounds) and extremely portable, its the perfect choice to take with you on a biking trip if you are looking to get some warm-up before your actual bike ride.

The resistance is similar to the resistance provided by other trainers and the low cost does not mess with the functionality. However, it is rather noisy. But if you can manage to ignore the noise, it is an affordable bike trainer which offers decent performance and is extremely portable.

3rd Recommendation : CycleOps Wind Trainer

Cycleops is a wind resistance trainer with a simple, tried and tested design. This design principle has been used for a long time and it is a very model for indoor use.The technology has been around for several years. It offers a steady resistance when you shift to high gears. The model works perfectly if you want to do sprint workouts. The resistance at higher speeds it considerably higer as well. The zinc fans add to the resistance of the flywheel.

It is also easily the most durable wind trainer available. Solid metal frame which can mount both mountain as well as road bikes, it is a strong and sturdy product. It has a weight rating of 300 pounds and comes along with adjustable and folding legs for easy storage and transportation. The model also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

On the cons, the model is pretty noisy which only increases over time. If noise is not a big issue for you though, this a strong option for you to consider due to its cheap price and sturdy build.

2nd Pick : Magnetic Steel Bike Indoor Exercise Trainer

This is the most affordable bike trainer using Magnetic Resistance. The trainer has 5 resistance levels that can be switched between and set easily. This trainer also provides progressive trainers with the help of its advanced technology. Its not as smooth as a fluid trainer but for the price, it is quite a steal.

The magnets do a good job in keeping up with the changes in speeds and many customers have noted that they magnets do not wear off or grow weaker over time.It is also lightweight and portable, making it a great option in its price-range. However, the light-weight does not come at a cost of stability. The trainer is made up of premium grade aluminium which is durable and lightweight. For the price, the quality and stability has impressed us.

Some users might find the operation of this bike slightly noisy but it is ignorable. If you are listening to music along with your workout, it will not interfere with that. This model is a great piece of hardware for indoor bike training.

Top Recommendation : Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer

Using advanced fluid resistance technology, this model is known for giving an almost identical to outdoors riding experience.

Progressive Resistance

Noiseless Operation

No Heating Issues

Lifetime Warranty

This model has everything you could want from a bike trainer. Sure, the model is a bit on the pricey side, but you are getting your money’s worth that is for sure. It is the best model of bike trainer on the market right and if you can afford it, this is the one you should be going for.

In summary, In summary, our top pick is the Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainer. It helps you burn off the most calories and if money is not a concern for you this is what you should be buying.

Our next pick, the budget option is, Magnetic Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Trainer. If you do not mind cutting back a little on the performance, and are on a tight budget, this is what you should be getting for your training.

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