How To Tan Faster? Your Quick Guide

How To Tan Faster? Your Quick Guide

Like all fashion trends, tanning has come in and gone out of fashion and right now it is totally in! People have been trying all sorts of solutions and ways of how to tan faster and get a perfect tan just the way their favorite celebrity does, but it is not so simple. Getting a perfect tan involves going to the beach or spending time in a sunny place, something not a lot of us have the time or the money to do. Not to mention, extended exposure to the sun can cause problems like wrinkles, dark spots and in extreme cases, skin cancer.

As a result of these time and health concern, a lot of sunless tanning products have appeared on the market in the recent years that promise similar results as sun tanning from the comfort of your own home and often claim to be answers to the common question “How to tan faster?” But how effective are these?

To find out we looked at the leading sunless tanning products available on the market right now and compared them with each other to find out the best among them in terms of effectiveness, cost and overall quality of the product.

On the basis of our research, we found that one product stood far ahead of the pack in terms of the sheer quality of the product and how well it works in helping the users achieve that natural tanned look. That product is Idol Tan.

What is Idol Tan?

Idol Tan is a recent product on the market that aims to help the users self tan from the comfort of their home without spending hours in the tanning beds or on the beach to get that perfect tan like their favorite celebrities. Based on our reviews and analysis, Idol Tan is the perfect answer to how to tan faster.

Idol Tan is a product of Idol Tan Inc., a company based in the USA that was launched in 2002. The company is a member of the Natural Products Association and is therefore committed to supplying top quality cosmetic products made from the safest and most natural of ingredients available. The company claims on its website that it aims to “deliver the highest quality healthy and beauty products with the best value to its customers.”

How Does Idol Tan Work?

Idol Tan is a topical skin applicant that due to its unique blend of chemicals and natural ingredients helps the user get that perfect bronzed look that is the ideal tanned look that most people want.

To use it properly and for the best results possible you are expected to apply the lotion on your skin a few hours before you need the tan and that is it. It is extremely easy to use and apply on a daily basis and does not have any side effects of any sort, making it entire safe to use.

The reason there are no side effects is because Idol Tan uses natural ingredients that are derived from organic materials and prepared with a focus on high quality and purity. It is due to these high quality and natural ingredients that Idol Tan is the perfect answer to how to tan faster without risking any of the side effects or harms of traditional tanning.

What Are The Ingredients Of Idol Tan?

The primary ingredient of Idol Tan is Dihydroxyacetone, a chemical derived from sugarcane. It is perfectly safe for use on your skin and was certified as safe for human use by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in 1973.

The way it works is by the special property of DHA. DHA, when coming in contact with the proteins present in the skin, increases the production of keratin, which is coloring pigment present in our skins. Due to this, our skin takes a bronzed look that is coveted by people. DHA penetrates the upper most layer of the skin and is therefore completely free from the possibility of causing any harm to the user. However, ingesting the chemical should be avoided.

The base for Idol Tan is water and it is entirely alcohol free. As a result, there is no overwhelming, flowery smell that announces to the entire world that you are using sunless tanner. It is absorbed really quickly by your body once applied. The results themselves are long lasting and after one application, the results can last from 5 to 8 days without any further application from your end. It does not look orange or give artificial coloration to your skin and looks completely natural.

The final major ingredient of Idol Tan is Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera has been used in skin moisturizers for many years because of how effective it is at preventing your skin from becoming dry. Some users might experience a drying of the skin due to the DHA and so to counter act that, one of the primary active ingredients of Idol Tans is Aloe Vera which counteracts the drying of the skin and helps you keep your skin smooth and moist.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Idol Tan?

The primary benefit of using Idol Tan is that it is extremely easy to use and much more inexpensive than using a tanning bed or going to the beach every week looking for an answer to how to tan faster. All you need to do is simply apply a lotion to your skin and wait for a couple of hours to get a perfect natural looking tan without any of the hassles associated with getting one.

Second important benefit of using Idol Tan to tan faster is that it is a natural product with no harmful chemicals that you need to worry about. There are no side effects of using Idol Tan and you can use it on a regular basis on your entire body without any troubles at all.

Finally, the tan that Idol Tan gives you is a perfect bronze glow that is almost indistinguishable from a natural tan. This is a major benefit because most sunless tanning products end up making you look orange, which is neither attractive nor anything like a celebrity tan.

Where Can I Get Idol Tan?

Idol Tan is not available at physical retail stores and is only available through its official website. So if you see a bottle at any physical retail store, do not buy it as it is properly a fake or a knockoff. These knockoff products usually make use of harmful chemicals to achieve the tanned look that can be very bad for your skin in the long run. The results themselves are bad and are very far from the perfect bronze look. So we would recommend that you get Idol Tan from the official website only and not from any other source.

How Much Does Idol Tan Cost?

Idol Tan is much more economically priced as compared to tanning bed sessions. A Single bottle costs $39.95 which should ideally last you a month. There are however quantity discounts in place in which when you order the product in bulk or in large quantities, you will get a discount on the sticker price. For example, when you order three bottles, you get 1 bottle free. This means a 25% discount. There is also a monthly subscription program in which for a monthly fee you will receive a monthly refill to your Idol Tan.

There is also a 90 day money back guarantee. If you think that Idol Tan isn’t right for you and you made a mistake purchasing it, you can return it for a refund within 90 days. This makes a good deal for anyone who wants to try out the product without taking on any substantial risk on the price.

What Are The Other Users Saying?

We looked for product reviews for Idol Tan and were surprised to find that most of the user reviews were positive with very few criticisms for Idol Tan. Most of the users were surprised at how natural the tan looked, something that is very rare with most sunless tanning products. We are reproducing some of the users’ comments and observations here.

No matter what I did, tanning beds, laying by the pool, going to the beach, nothing ever got me looking the way I have always wanted to. Idol Tan was a godsend for me. Now I look perfectly tanned within just a couple of hours and that too without having to spend hours and hundreds of dollars after tanning bed sessions. It is the perfect answer to how to tan faster! -Jennifer, CA
Most of the sunless tanning products I had used over the years just made my body orange and looked really fake. It was so bad that I had stopped tanning altogether and given up all hopes of ever getting a perfect celebrity like tan. That was before I discovered Idol Tan though and I have been blown away by the results. Within just a couple of hours now, I get a tan that I can show off without any troubles. Not just that, because of how safe Idol Tan is, I can maintain a tan all year round without any problems. -Ben, NYC
Even though I lived in Florida, I had never been able to get tanned. I looked as pale as a ghost, even at the peak of the summer. It made me really self conscious and unconfident. With Idol Tan I found just the right amount of color in my skin to feel confident about the way I look once again and own my beauty. All of that happened, just because of Idol Tan. Thank you! -Shannon, FL

So as you can see from the reviews, Idol Tan is a preferred method for people from all over the country to tan faster and they love the results they are getting from this product.

Bottom-Line: Is It Worth It?

Based on our reviews and analysis, yes! It is totally worth the cost and the effort because of how effective Idol Tan is and how quickly and easily it can be used on a daily basis. It is entirely free from all sorts of side effects and has a long lasting effect which lasts almost a week with just one time application of it. The tan itself is extremely natural looking and does not give your body an orange hue.

Idol Tan is the perfect answer to the questions about how to tan faster that we keep on receiving and it gets thumbs up from our side!

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