Grow Taller Workout Reviews: Does It Help To Increase Height?

Grow Taller Workout Reviews: Does It Help To Increase Height?

Welcome to this article on Grow Taller Workout review. Height has always been a tricky thing with people. There is a wealth of medical information and research out there that says objectively that people who are taller get a lot of perks in terms of career progression, income, positions of power, attractiveness and partners. You can read about those researches here and here.

What is the Grow Taller Workout?

Keeping in mind all the evidence that point to the fact that taller people get all those extra perks, there is little surprise that people want to get taller. However, unlike losing weight, there is very little that people can do to increase their heights once they have hit their 20s.

However, Lance Ward, a height and fitness guru has come up with a product that he claims will help you increase your height by 3 inches within a few short months.

Contents of Grow Taller Workout

“Grow Taller Workout” is a series of a workouts and exercises combined with a diet plan designed by Lance himself that will help you gain those all-important last few inches. These workouts are delivered to you in the form of a DVD, shipped to your address worldwide. You can watch these DVDs and perform the exercises and workouts based upon your schedule. Lance Ward, the creator, insists that most of his clients under the age of 30 grow 6 inches within a few months on following the Grow Taller Workout program.

Skeptical of those “tall” claims, we at GTF decided to take a closer look and see for ourselves how well are those claims backed up by the users’ reviews and actual results. In our series of Grow Taller Workout reviews, we looked at the science behind the product, the cost, the reviews of the people who have used them and other factors that would predict if the product is legitimate or a scam. Read on below to read the results of our Grow Taller Workout reviews.

How Does Grow Taller Workout Work?

Lance Ward, the creator of the program, insists that the medical community spreads a lot of mistruths and half-lies about height growth to people looking to solutions. Most doctors tell anyone over the age of 20 that their chances of increasing their height are gone now and they will be the same height for the rest of their life now. However, Lance on the other hand insists that even people over the age of 30 can still grow 3 inches and he has had students who have grown much more.

Lance gives the credit of this to his unique exercise regimen contained in the Grow Taller Workout that combines stretching and exercises that cause a spike in your growth hormone secretions. As a result of these two factors, he boasts of a student who grew a record of 14 inches in 8 months. The general norm promised by Lance is 6 inches though and for people over the age of 30, 3 inches.

Who Can Use Grow Taller Workout?

Grow Taller Workout program has been designed in such a way that anyone can use it. The exercises have been designed making no assumptions about the level of fitness of the user and the exercises are divided in beginner and advanced levels.

In addition, there are also diet plans included with the Grow Taller Workout DVDs that help you get the best results out of the Grow Taller Workout even if you are a vegetarian and do not consume meat or animal protein. So you don’t even have to eat meat or change your dietary preferences to use the Grow Taller Workout.

The workouts will take you 45 minutes to an hour each day. There are different exercises for every day of the week and you are supposed to complete the 7 day cycle of exercises and workouts 13 times to get the best results. Lance Ward, the creator, insists that you do not miss out on the exercises on any day of the week as it will slow down your growth.

What are the Benefits of Grow Taller Workout?

There are many different advantages of an increased height but that is not all this product helps you to achieve. In addition to its primary benefit of helping you to increase your height, Grow Taller Workout also helps you get in better shape with a more flexible and supple body. There are also a lot more benefits of using the Grow Taller Workout program.

In our Grow Taller Workout reviews, we found that this product

  1. Helps you increase your metabolism
  2. Enhances overall physical fitness and general standard of health
  3. Reduces the risk of injury to your joints, muscles and tendons.
  4. Improves your balance, posture and recovery time.

What Do I Get Grow Taller Workout?

In addition to the DVDs of the workouts and exercises, the creators of Grow Taller Workout have also included some bonuses to help you get the best results out of the product. In our Grow Taller Workout reviews, we even reviewed the free bonuses.

The Secret Diet Plan of Giants

Made by Ash Kattell, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Sports, Exercise and Nutrition; it is an exhaustive guide to foods that you can eat which help you gain height faster. The guide includes the diet plans you need to follow in order to gain height quickly and the no-meat or vegan alternatives to these foods.

Self Hypnosis CDs

We all know how difficult it is to quit smoking and break those other bad habits that harm your health and stop you from getting fit. To help with that, the creators have included 3 self hypnosis CDs aimed at helping you quit smoking, lose weight and improve focus, each valued at $47 each.

Limited Offer – Neck Harness

The first 100 orders get the neck harness worth $60 as shown in the DVD for free to speed up your process gaining height.

These bonuses themselves are worth far more than the asking price for the Grow Taller Workout package. In addition to these bonuses, the creators also offer free customer support to all users. In case you have any questions or doubts about the product you can mail them at the address given to you with the Grow Taller Workout package.

How Much Does Grow Taller Workout Cost?

The sticker price for the Grow Taller Workout package is $340. This is fair considering that the bonuses themselves are worth $300 nearly. So the $340 sticker price does seem fair.

However, the creators, for a limited time, are offering two successive discounts after which the price for the entire package, including the bonuses comes down to $97! This includes customer supports, all the bonuses we have talked about and the DVDs of the actual Grow Taller Workout course. All of this for just $97 sounds like a good enough deal for us!

Does Grow Taller Workout Work?

This is the question that almost all of you had in our mind before you even began to read the Grow Taller Workout reviews.

We did not try the product ourselves but we looked at a lot of user reviews as well as contacted some of the users personally. Grow Taller Workout is unique in the aspect that it allows customers to contact previous users for confirmation of their experience with the product.

From all the user reviews that we got, and the people we talked to, it does appear that the Grow Taller Workout does in fact work!

The results do differ from person to person based upon how committed he or she was to the program and how closely did they stick to the instructions, but an overwhelming majority of the users have admitted to seeing positive results.

User Testimonials 

Before I had discovered the program I was a measly 5’6” and that made dating extremely difficult for me. I was turned down a lot and faced a lot of rejection from all the women I approached. However, it has been 6 months since I started the Grow Taller Workout program and I am now a cool 6 ft tall! You have no idea how better has my social and dating life gotten since and I owe it all to Lance and his absolutely amazing Grow Taller Workout program!”  William James, USA
I work as a door supervisor and 5’7” is not a very good height for that profession, let me tell you! Even since I started the Grow Taller Workout program 3 months ago, my life has been changed beyond description! I am now 6 ft tall and that has not only helped my professional life, it has also helped me get more popular by leaps and bounds with the ladies! 😉 Thanks so much for your help! Keep on doing the good work!” Gary, UK
Hi Lance! Thanks a lot for this amazing product. I think I have maxed out on my height now, but in the first 3 weeks that I used it, I grew nearly 2 inches. It has been 2 more weeks but I don’t see any more growth so I guess I am done growing now. But in any case, thanks a lot for your product! It was absolutely awesome and I will recommend to anyone who asks! Albert F

As you can see from the reviews, which are all genuine, people have been getting results. The results have varied from one person to another, but during our research for the Grow Taller Workout reviews, we did not come across anyone who said that he or she did not get any benefit from the product at all! We review products often and that is truly impressive!

Bottomline: Should I Buy Grow Taller Workout?

If you are not satisfied with your height and want the extra benefits that come with a good height, you should MOST DEFINITELY give this product a try. You are at no risk whatsoever of losing money as there is a 60 day money back guarantee with the product. At the end of 60 days if you do not find any difference in your height, you can return the product for a full refund. For a price of $97, it is a small price to pay for all the perks that come to tall people naturally like a better professional and social life and better chances of promotions etc.

In our Grow Taller Workout reviews, we give it thumbs up and recommend the product highly!

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