How to get Bigger Lips? Find Out The Easiest Way!

How to get Bigger Lips? Find Out The Easiest Way!

How to get Bigger Lips

All the women want their lips to look fuller and plumper, that is no secret. But not all women are blessed with naturally full lips. Most women have thin lips that are way too far from the ideal celebrity style thick lips that they want. Not without reason either. Full lips make your face appear more youthful and your face more symmetric. Symmetric faces are indicators of health and fertility and so all men are naturally attracted to full lips without even knowing why. But How to get bigger lips is a question that plagues most women. Not all women have naturally full lips and so in this article, we will tell you ways about how to get bigger lips.

Why Are Bigger Lips Sexy?

Bigger and fuller lips are sexier because they represent fertility in women. This is why one of the most common questions is how to get bigger lips. High oestrogen in women lets them retain their youthful appearance during and after puberty. This leads to big eyes and full lips that men find attractive due to biological reasons. Fuller lips make you sexier as well as make you more desirable to men. So now you know why you want to get fuller lips.

How To Get Bigger Lips?

There are a lot of different ways to enhance the way your lips look bigger and to get plump lips. The most common way has been to inject lips with collagen or other similar materials to make your lips look fuller and bigger. However, this approach has a lot of problems with it. First of all, many people are allergic to Collagen and so it requires a 4 week allergy test to determine whether it is safe for you or not. On top of that, Collagen is administered under local anesthesia and some people are also allergic to anesthesia like lidocaine and they can’t get injected with collagen to get bigger lips as a result. Collagen does not even last very long and you need an injection every 3 months or so as Collagen is absorbed by the body. This makes it ridiculously expensive to do on a long term basis.

What Is The Best Way To Get Bigger Lips?

We found that Idol Lips is the best answer to how to get bigger lips. It is a cost-effective, non-invasive way to get fuller and plump lips that does not require you to get any injections or put yourself at risk in anyway.

It works like a simple lip balm. Whenever you want your lips to look full and plump, be it before a party or at work, just apply Idol Lips to your lips and get fuller lips instantly!

How Does It Work?

What makes Idol Lips so effective are its active ingredients, the unique blend of which makes it so effective. It has cinnamon, amongst other ingredients that increase blood flow to your lips which makes them look fuller. It also has menthoxypropandiol which leaves a burning sensation on your lips. This is completely normal and part of what makes the product work. This burning sensation causes an increased blood flow to your lips that makes them look fuller and plumper.

In addition to this, it also has a lot of other moisturizing natural ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter to make your lips look glossy and soft naturally.

What Are The Other Ingredients?

Idol Lips uses Dipalmitpoyl Hydroxyproline which helps to reduce the wrinkles on the skin of your lips and make them look smoother and softer. The Menthoxypropandiol soothes your lips like the way mint would to counteract the burning sensation from cinnamon. In addition to these, there are more than 10 ingredients which help to moisturize your lips and make them look full with a completely natural look.

What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of using idol lips for how to get fuller lips are many.

Firstly, it is a non-invasive, non surgical process that is free from all side effects of harmful chemicals. Most of the ways that are used to get bigger lips are surgical and often very expensive and not very safe either. In addition to that, they need to be repeated every few months, meaning you open yourself up to the risks of the process every time you get one of the collagen or botox injections. Idol Lips are free from all of these dangers.

Secondly, it works instantly. Collagen injections usually have a 4 week waiting period during which it is checked if the user is allergic to them. This pushes up the time taken to get bigger lips considerably. When you need to get bigger lips at a short notice, it is not an option. Idol Lips on the other hand works instantly. There is only a few seconds gap between the application and the result becoming visible. No other procedure of getting fuller lips is so quick and efficient.

It is also very easy to use. When thinking about how to get bigger lips, it is an important condition that the process be easy to use. Most other processes are surgical and are definitely not easy. You need a doctor and a hospital to get those treatments, but nothing of the sort is needed to use Idol Lips. All you have to do is apply Idol Lips to your lips like you would apply lip gloss and the product will do its job.

The biggest reason why Idol Lips is the perfect answer to how to get bigger lips is that it is very cheap as compared to the other procedures. These procedures can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, which can be more than what most people can afford. Idol Lips is much more reasonably priced than those and is therefore the perfect answer to how to get bigger lips.

How Much Does It Cost?

Idol Lips is extremely inexpensive as compared to the other products out there. A single package of it costs just $11.90, with an additional shipping charge. That is very cheap compared to collagen injections which can cost hundreds of dollar.

Not only that, you even get a 90 day money back guarantee, which means that in case you feel that the product does not suit or that you do not like the results it is getting you,  you can return the product for a refund and you money will returned to you, no questions asked. This means that you are not at risk in any way whatsoever.

What Are The Other Users Saying?

The user reviews for the product have been positive. Most users have been impressed that there is no surgery involved and how inexpensive this product is. More and more women are agreeing every day that it is the perfect product to get bigger and fuller lips. Many women who had previously gotten collagen injections have now moved on to using Idol Lips because of how easy it is to apply, how cheap it is and how safe it is, without any side effects due to its all natural ingredients. We are reproducing some of the user reviews below. Understand that these are not typical results but only personal experiences and your experience might be different from these in how to get bigger lips.

I had been very confused about how to get bigger lips until I found Idol lips. It takes barely a few seconds to apply it and the results are absolutely marvelous. It works within a few seconds and my lips look amazing. I apply it three times a day to get full lips throughout my work day. I have been complimented by many girls in the office about my pouts and my boyfriend says that he enjoys kissing me more now! Thank you idol lips! You were the perfect answer to how to get bigger lips -Sandra, NYC

The best way to use this product is to apply a small quantity of it once and then leave it on for 10-15 minutes. Then once that is done, exfoliate you lips with a cloth and then apply a generous amount on your lips right before going to sleep. You will wake up with amazingly soft and pink lips every morning with this that will stay that way all day long. It is absolutely amazing how full my lips look now and all that without any surgery or injections. No side effects either and it is all natural! Thumbs up!-Cameron, CA

However, be careful when you are ordering the product as there are many different products with similar sounding names that do not work nearly as well and are full of harmful chemicals that are absolutely worthless and make your lips burn. Avoid them strongly and make sure that you only get Idol Lips from the official website.

Where Can I Buy Idol Lips?

Idol Lips is a not available in retail stores and can only be bought online. Make sure that you get it from the official website only and not from other websites which might give you fake products that are harmful for your skin and lips and do not work at all. On the official website, you can even find a coupon that gives you a 5% discount on your first purchase. Look for the coupon in the terms and condition section of the website as it keeps on changing.


Idol Lips is the cheapest, safest and quickest answer to how to get bigger lips. It is a wonderful product and a perfect replacement for invasive and surgical methods of getting plump lips which are often very expensive and risky. In contrast, Idol Lips is a product made out of natural ingredients and safe chemicals which have no side effects on your body whatsoever. It is a quick acting product and starts working within seconds of applying it, something that cannot be said of any other product or procedure that is used to get bigger lips. We here at GTF would like to recommend it highly to all the ladies who are wondering how to get bigger lips. It is a wonderful product and one we would like to recommend without any reservations.

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