Flex Belt Review: ShortCut To Toned Abs Or Just Hype?

Flex Belt Review: ShortCut To Toned Abs Or Just Hype?

Flex Belt is a new offering in the market of easy to use Fitness Products that promise a fit body with the minimal efforts. But the first question that comes to your mind would be, would it work? Here at GTF, we researched the product in detail and have come with a Flex Belt Review. Read on for the in-depth Flex Belt Review.

In the world of today, where most people work from behind a desk and get minimal movement and exercise, working out is becoming more and more important to prevent health problems at later stages of life. The fault in here does not lie with the people themselves but with their schedule. A lot of people want to work out and exercise but never get the time to do so. As a result of this, they put themselves at the risk of diseases like high cholesterol and cardiac troubles.

In such a condition, products like the Flex Belt are a God Send because this way you will get to work out without even having to get off from your couch after a long day at work. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars anymore over a gym membership and spend hours commuting after work if you can get similar results from the comfort of your own home. In our flex belt review we found that Flex Belt is a very good product keeping in mind that criteria.

What is Flex Belt?

Flex Belt is an FDA cleared product for toning, firming and strengthening your stomach muscles. It looks like a simple weight training belt and its recommended to be used daily.

How Does it Work?

We did some research for the Flex Belt Review and the basic technology behind the Flex Belt is EMS, which stands for Electrical Muscle Stimulation (you can read more about EMS here). Our muscles communicate with the brain through electrical signals which are carried by the nerves. EMS mimics these signals and causes your muscles to contract and relax without your brain telling them to. As a result, you could be sitting on a couch and still your abdominal muscles would be mimicking the action of flexing like you are doing ab crunches. This product is a very good option for those people whose schedule or health does not allow for extended time periods for exercise. It helps the user multi-task, and save energy even when they are getting the benefits of a workout. EMS has also been used with patients suffering from loss of mobility in their limbs and the results so far have been encouraging (here).

The belt itself also has been cleared by the FDA and has full support from the medical community. The belt uses gel pads that have been designed to transfer the signals to the abdominals effectively. The belt comes with inbuilt levels that you can use to determine the level and intensity of your work out. The levels vary from 1 to 100 and it is recommended for beginners that they start slow and work their way up to the higher settings. Rushing through the process might lead to cramps and other workout related injuries.


The Flex Belt has been cleared by the FDA. This means that the FDA has approved that the Flex Belt is a legitimate product that works the way it is advertised to. In addition to all of that, it also guarantees that the product meets the standards set by the FDA in terms of the quality of the cables and other components of the belt. It is recommended that you get the belt from Amazon or from the official website. There are a lot copies out there that do not do anything and might even cause injury due to the low quality.


We would also like to warn all users to read the “Do not use if” section of the device before using it. Flex Belt is not recommended for people who have an electrical pacemaker or any of the other similar life saving devices. If you are using one of these products, it is best that you do not use this product.

In addition to these, there are a lot of user testimonials that also support these findings. Spokesperson for Flex Belt, Denise Richards has been a user for many years and reports using the flex belt often and with good results. The website lists before and after photographs of many other users as well and the proof is up there for the entire world to see.


There is a lot of skepticism in new users when it comes to products like these. After all, getting a flat, toned stomach without working out sounds too good to be true and on the internet, when something is too good to be true, it usually is false. However, in our Flex Belt review we found out that Flex Belt works! Researchers have shown that with continuous usage, Flex Belt can really help you get a toned abdomen.

Here are some of the benefits of Flex Belt:

Adjustable Intensity of Workout

The belt comes with 1-100 levels of intensity of workout. Designed for beginners to experienced users, you get full control of your workout with the Flex Belt. You can choose the settings based upon your level of fitness and the results that you want out of the workout.

Rechargeable Battery

Armed with rechargeable batteries that need recharging after about 45 minutes of use, you do not need to buy new batteries after every use. All you need to do is after every session, plug it in for charging and within a few hours, it will finish charging and be ready for the next use.

Quick and Easy to Use

You will never miss another training session because there isn’t enough time or that you are tired after a long day at work. With the Flex Belt, you can work from the comfort of your couch or while spending some time with your family.

Light Weight and Comfortable.

The belt is extremely light weight and is very comfortable to wear. Irrelevant of your waist size, it is guaranteed to fit you and you can enjoy your daily workout sessions without any hassle.


The first Ab belt that has been cleared by the FDA for use and has had scientific studies conducted on its effectiveness.

No risk

The Flex Belt comes with a warranty and has a 60 day money back guarantee. If you do not like the product, just drop an email and the company will refund your money, no questions asked.

Cons of Flex Belt


It might be difficult for you to move around while wearing the belt or do something else. You can do some of the things but for most jobs the belt will be a hindrance.


For all the benefits it gives, it is priced at a fair $200, but for a lot of people that may be out of their budget.

Lack of Versatility

In our Flex Belt review we found that. Though the Flex Belt works well with the abdominal muscles, this is not the only place where fat is stored. This belt cannot be used anywhere else like on your glutes or on your thighs.

Not a Complete Solution

You need to use the belt in tandem with some dieting and physical exercise to get the best possible results. Just using the belt will not do a lot for you as it only tones your muscles. It does not help you cut down fat.

Flex Belt Review – Is it suitable for me?

Well, yes! If you are a healthy adult who does not use a pacemaker or defibrillator, this product is suitable for you. Athletes, physical therapists, actors and a whole lot of people from different professions have used this product and seen the results with their own eyes. Even patients of previous injuries who are in training, recovery or rehabilitation can use it without any risks.

This product is not limited to only the health conscious, a lot of other people who are unable to exercise on daily basis for whatever the reason might be can use it. For example,

Patients recovering from surgery or injury.
People suffering from lower back pains
People with weak joints and tendons
Where Can I Buy It Or Is There A Free Trial Available?

Where To Buy Flex Belt

We would suggest that you buy the product from the official website or from Amazon. On Amazon, you will be sure to get 100% authentic products. You can even get a 10% discount for first time buyers. You can save even more than that if you are buying more than two belts and your totals savings could be more than $150. The official website also has a 60 day money back guarantee. In case you are unsatisfied with the quality of the product or feel like it did not wok as well as it had promised, you can ask for your money within the first 60 days and they will return it to you, no questions asked.

In the Flex Belt review, we also found that you might have to buy additional replacement gels pads though as the gel pads wear out after 30-45 uses. These gel pads are important for the Flex Belt to work so you will have to get them once they have work out. However, if you are planning on using them for a long time, it would be a good idea to get them in large numbers as that often gets you a great deal. Individual pads cost almost 40% more than if you get the pads in larger sets.

Concluding the Flex Belt Review 

In our Flex Belt Review we found that Flex Belt is a wonderful tool for anyone who is busy but still wants to have an exercise routine. It works very well in toning your muscles. However, it is not a fat loss belt so to get to a six-pack you will have to focus on your diet and cut down your intake of carbs, calories and fat. The belt will simulate your abs but it cannot magically transform your entire body in a single night.

The Flex Belt costs $199 but on their official website, you can get it for $149, that is a 25% discount. So if you are looking for a solution that will help you work out within your budget and without messing with your schedule, Flex Belt is a very good product for you and we recommend that you give it a try for sure.

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